Movies "Maya Miya" who came to a former senior's house, taking the sales of the remaining one of Norma this month. Seniors who are excited about the appearance of juniors who are doing washing in the kitchen ask for something horny except for housework so that seniors can contract them somehow. It is Mai - chan who refused at the beginning, but the body responds obediently to seniors' erotic attacks, and to give out their own body .... In the kitchen, Senpai violently screams Mai 's beautiful pussy fucked hard with fellow fingers, Mai - chan glows gorgeously! After that, Mai-chan who desperately getting a senior super-thick dick for the purpose of acquiring a contract, gradually moves his hips slowly from himself! Seniors' etiquette that I had relied on for a long time ago is Mako, who has a good sensitivity enough to squirrel twice as much as he can. Of course at the end it's vaginal cum shot! 今月ノルマの残り1本の営業を取りに、元先輩の家に訪れた「宮藤まい」ちゃん。先輩にどうにか契約してもらえるように、キッチンで洗い物をしている後輩の姿に興奮してしまった先輩は、家事以外のエッチな事をお願いする。最初は拒んでいたまいちゃんだが、先輩のエロ攻撃にカラダは素直に反応してしまい、自分のカラダを差し出すことに…。キッチンで先輩はまいちゃんの綺麗なマンコをいやらしい指で淫らに激しく搔きまわし、まいちゃんは豪快な潮吹き!その後は契約獲得の為に先輩の極太チンコを必死に咥えこむまいちゃんが、徐々に自分から淫らに腰を動かすまでに!前から頼りがいのあった先輩のエッチは、最高に気持ちよく2回も潮吹きしてしまうほど感度良好のまいちゃん。最後はもちろん生中出し! by